Sterling Gateway

Sterling’s Gateway quickly and securely authorizes payments for web-based and e-commerce merchants.

The Sterling Gateway


Sterling Gateway supports all industries (retail, restaurant, eCommerce and MOTO) and all card types, including credit, debit (signature/PINless), EBT and gift. It safeguards customer information, improves cash flow with automatic recurring payments, eliminates data entry errors by storing customer data in a secure CardVault, and offers a variety of implementation options.

In addition, Sterling Gateway uses tokenization for secure storage of cardholder information and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to protect sensitive cardholder data during the authorization and approval process. Sterling Gateway supports several hardware solutions by both Magtek and IDTech, which allow the software to use devices that encrypt the cardholder’s information at the point of interaction (POI).

Sterling Gateway provides a number of integration options to best fit your technical infrastructure. This includes POS, ECR, tablet POS, mobile POS (mPOS) and eCommerce/shopping cart implementations.


We make your payment integrations quick and easy.

For nearly two decades, Sterling has built our POS partners' successes on seamless, implementation and integration. Today, with well over 1,000 integrations of payment solutions for mobile, traditional POS, web-based processing, integrated cash register systems, and e-commerce gateways, we're proud of our ability to dramatically streamline integrated payment processing.

Our free Certification program gives you access to expert advice, customized integration resources and specialized support, all designed to get your solution to market quickly and securely. Sterling's Gateway integrations are designed to be simple yet robust enough to be a contributing factor to your merchants obtaining the best possible rates.

POS Solutions (Middleware)

We support a variety of middleware options, including Sterling-hosted Datacap solutions that make it easier for you to perform communication and input/output while focusing your attention where it needs to be - on your software application. With middleware solutions, you get the security, functionality, and easy payment integrations you need to be successful.

  • Ingenico Partner – semi-integrated EMV terminal solutions
  • Datacap Partner - hosted and EMV hardware and software solutions
  • PAX Partner – semi-integrated EMV PIN pad solutions
  • Supports out-of-scope solutions and chip reader peripherals
  • Multiple middleware options
  • PA-DSS guidance to certification
  • Built-in database management, reporting, and other administrative function
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