Sterling's Programs and Services

From gift cards to business productivity tools, online reporting to working capital for merchants, Sterling has developed a suite of value-added programs and services to help merchants attract new customers and manage their businesses more profitably and efficiently.

Sterling Programs and Services

Sterling Programs

Gift Cards

Boost your sales, attract new business, and generate more profit with this flexible program for any size business.


Flexible, customized payment options to purchase POS equipment, peripherals and service contracts with small payments deducted from your credit card sales.


Business productivity tools, discounts, and services to help you save money and manage your business more efficiently.

Sterling Services

SNAP Online Portal

SNAP gives you secure and convenient online access to powerful business tools, including access to detailed reporting in a variety of formats that are compatible with a wide range of business software.

PCI QIR - Qualified Integrator and Resellers Certification

Helps ensure that merchants choose POS professionals who follow PCI security standards during point-of-sale installations.


Sterling is PCI compliant and protects data by always using the latest anti-fraud technologies and practices.

Sterling API

Sterling API offers the highest security and most flexibility. Build your application to suit your customers’ needs and let Sterling handle the payment processing. All you need to do is integrate to our API.

Quikstone Capital Solutions

Working capital for merchants. Fast approvals and funding up to $250,000 in less than a week, even if you've been turned down by a bank.

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Service and Support

Sterling is nationally recognized for its service and support for over 150 terminals, POS systems and software applications. Our expert, multi-lingual technical teams and customer service representatives are located onsite. If you have a question, we’re here for you 24x7x365 at (800) 383-0561.