Sterling's Integrated Payment Solutions

Sterling has the latest point-of-sale terminals, software applications, wireless products and e-commerce gateways that provide the optimal payment solutions for any business.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Bridge Business Intelligence®

Sterling’s Bridge integrates seamlessly with electronic cash registers (ECR) to provide speed, security and reliability to payments, as well as comprehensive real-time sales reports via the Internet.


Datacap is one of the few integrated payments providers to successfully implement EMV. With Sterling and Datacap, you get the security, functionality, and easy payment integrations you need to be successful.

Integration Technology Toolkit®

From gateway, middleware, and out-of-scope to cash registers and mobile options, Sterling develops innovative technology solutions for our software developers to take payment integration to the next level.

Sterling Gateway

The Sterling Gateway was strategically designed to provide a simple solution so Sterling’s partners can quickly and successfully integrate their payment processing applications.

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Service and Support

Sterling is nationally recognized for its service and support for over 150 terminals, POS systems and software applications. Our expert, multi-lingual technical teams and customer service representatives are located onsite. If you have a question, we’re here for you 24x7x365 at (800) 383-0561.