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A Merchant Cash Advance Helps Businesses Grow

Sterling Funding provides cash for businesses by leveraging an asset that you already have - your monthly Visa and MasterCard sales.

A merchant cash advance from Sterling Funding is a business loan alternative that can help build your business with working capital:

  • To buy equipment
  • To renovate or expand
  • To purchase inventory
  • To advertise
  • For emergencies

Get cash for your business with a merchant cash advance from Sterling Funding that is:


  • Typically approved within 48 hours
  • Up to $250,000 within 7 days (If you already process with Sterling Payment Technologies)


  • Simple approval process
  • No application fees
  • Generous credit guidelines>


  • Payments adjust to your card sales
  • No invoices to read or track; no checks to write or mail

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