Our Integration Team will work with you to create an integration project specific to your business needs and the verticals supported.

Our free Certification gives you access to expert advice, customized integration resources and specialized support all designed to get your solution to market quickly and securely. Sterling's Gateway integrations are designed to be simple to achieve yet robust enough to be a contributing factor to your merchants obtaining the best possible rates.

1. Certification Selection

Our Sales Team will request an Integration Analyst to be assigned to contact you and your development team directly.

2. Discovery Call

A member of our Integration Team will work with you to understand your business needs and the verticals supported. Our Integration Analyst will provide you with the integration materials required. Additionally, a summary of the call will be included to ensure the scenarios applicable to your POS are identified. This will help to expedite the process by setting clear expectations upfront.

3. Get Started

The Sterling Gateway was strategically designed to provide a "simple integration solution". We provide the API and sample code so you can quickly and successfully integrate your application to process payments. Your Integration Analyst will be your direct contact and available to answer any questions you may have.

4. Testing

Once you've spoken with your Integration Analyst, a test account and test cards will be available to you immediately and will be available 24/7 for all of your testing needs.

5. Certification

Using the test account assigned to you, Authorization to Batch Settlement is reviewed end-to-end to ensure format integrity and security guidelines are met.

6. Certification Completed!

Our Integration Team will continue to support you and your product with future enhancements and updates on payment industry changes.