Leading Edge
Technology Solutions

We're always working hard to develop innovative technology solutions to take payment integration to the next level for our software developers. From Gateway, Middleware, and Out-of-Scope to Cash Register and Mobile Solutions, our dynamic, customer and profit building product offerings continue to expand daily, improving your operations, driving new revenue opportunities for you and your resellers.

Gateway Solutions

  • Simple API and Documentation
  • Developer Code Utilizing Several Code Samples
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • PCI Compliant Data Storage
  • Branded Marketplace

POS Solutions (Middleware)

We support a variety of middleware options including Sterling-hosted Datacap solutions that make it easier for you to perform communication and input/output while focusing your attention where it needs to be - on your software application. With Middleware solutions, you get the security, functionality, and easy payment integrations you need to be successful.

  • Ingenico Partner - Semi-Integrated EMV Terminal Solutions
  • Datacap Partner - Hosted and EMV Hardware and Software Solutions
  • PAX Partner - Semi-Integrated EMV PINPad Solutions
  • Supports Out-of-Scope Solutions and Chip Reader Peripherals
  • Multiple Middleware Options
  • PA-DSS Guidance to Certification
  • Built-in Database Management, Reporting, and Other Administrative Functions

POS Out-of-Scope Solutions

Our out-of-scope solutions use state-of-the-art hardware options to offer you immediate cost savings and are designed to meet your specific business needs. In addition to eliminating the need for PA-DSS audits and expensive, on-going PCI list fees, our out of scope solutions deliver a secure, seamless, and high-functioning payment integration program designed to drive maximum revenue for you and your resellers.

Cash Register Payment Solutions

We offer multiple options for your software integrations including out-of-scope devices from Ingenico, Datacap and PAX. Sterling's Cash Register payment solutions deliver high speed payments with automatic dial back-up to any electronic cash register or embedded device. Flexible and secure transactions are authorized via the Internet in as little as 2 seconds.

Sterling's Bridge Business Intelligence® integrates seamlessly with electronic cash registers (ECR), providing speed, convenience and reliability to your merchants - helping you retain your merchant base, adding to your bottom line profits, and delivering real-time reports that are accessible from anywhere that offers an Internet connection. A wireless modem allows merchants to accept payments anywhere.

Mobile Solutions

At Sterling, we're leaders in adopting mobile technology at the point of sale that delivers on our client's promise of a seamless, fast, and convenient shopping experience for their merchants and customers. Our mobile solutions improve customer experience by allowing your customers to enable payment mobility everywhere.