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Getting the most from an unexpected partner: your point-of-sale reseller

Over the past few years, many businesses have made the decision to adopt a modern point-of-sale device that allows them to more quickly and easily process not only traditional credit card swipe-based transactions, but also new types of purchases that ... more

What trends lie ahead for mobile payments?

Over the past few years, industry analysts have generally kept a close eye on the progression of mobile payments. ... more

The status of major mobile payments systems

The year 2015 is almost at its end, but mobile payments are just beginning to see the popularity in the U.S. that they enjoy in other parts of the world. Before 2016 arrives, here is a look at how some major mobile payments systems have fared.  ... more

What does the LoopPay breach mean for mobile payment security?

Mobile payments have long been hailed as the next big upgrade in payment processing technology, as they provide an extra layer of security over even the EMV-enabled "chip-and-pin" cards that are starting to gain ubiquity in the U.S. after great succe ... more

Merchants beware: A liability shift is coming in the way you process credit card transactions

In response to increasing credit card fraud, major credit card companies have set an Oct. 1 deadline for merchants to shift from the traditional magnetic strips, to a new integrated circuit technology called EMV. Merchants that do not adopt this new ... more

6 considerations for managing an online business

Follow these six rules for managing your online business.  ... more

4 reasons why you should use targeted advertising

Use targeted advertising to develop a relationship with your customers.  ... more

Ways to improve your e-commerce catalog

If you maintain an online e-commerce catalog, there are several ways that you can improve performance and grow your business. ... more

E-commerce is forcing the USPS to adapt

The USPS is going to have to adapt to an more e-commerce oriented package service market if it intends to remain competitive in the coming years, as online retail takes increasingly larger shares of the retail sector, according to a white paper relea ... more

Mobile marketing needs to offer value

One of the top focuses for most retailers today is selling products in the online sector. Not just to desktop consumers though - mobile shoppers, who access e-commerce pages via smartphones and tablets, are the fastest growing customer base in the en ... more

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