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EMV's Security Promise Is In The Results

The reason for the EMV liability shift that went into effect about 18 months ago was to reduce the amount of card-present credit and debit card fraud in the U.S. ... more

More Restaurants Turning To Innovative POS Devices

The ways in which people like to pay for all sorts of things have changed rapidly in the past few years. ... more

Mobile Payments Ready For Adoption, But Consumers Remain Reluctant

Over the past several years, a number of mobile payment platforms have been rolled out to the general public, to varying degrees of success. ... more

PCI Compliance Still A Sticking Point For Some Merchants

Across the country, many merchants have been more than happy to step into the next generation of payment processing by accepting EMV and mobile transactions. ... more

Integrated Payment Processing, Mobile Payments Drive POS Resellers

When considering the switch to point-of-sale devices capable of handling EMV or mobile transactions, many merchants may still have lingering concerns. ... more

Merchants' Blind Trust In Processors And Hidden Fees

When merchants accept credit and debit card payments from their customers, they pay fees for every transaction they handle. ... more

Unlocking The Hidden Capabilities Of Your Restaurant POS System

Over the past few years, the number of technological advancements made in the payments ecosystem has given merchants from retailers to restaurateurs more power when they process card-based transactions. ... more

Modern Stadium Point-of-sale Is A Technological Marvel

Modern stadiums and venues are technological marvels, with many access points and miles of networking cables that are installed into the large and complex footprint of the buildings. Since stadiums and venues cater to tens of thousands of fans and pr ... more

Merchants Must Make Data Breach Plans

One of the biggest issues now facing merchants of just about any size is the risk that they will be hit with a data breach. ... more

Consumers Still Wary Of How Companies Handle Payment Data

The number of large, high-profile data breaches affecting consumers across the country grows all the time, and the effect these incidents have on consumers seems to now encompass far more than just the financial aspects of their lives. ... more

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