News for Sterling Payment Technologies

3 Benefits of Integrated Payments Processing

Whether you own your own coffee shop, run a boutique, or operate a restaurant or bar, an integrated payment system is essential to your business’s success. Integrated payments are becoming increasingly popular among retailers and POS owners who want ... more

Consumers want more mobile acceptance from merchants

One of the biggest issues in the move toward more widespread use of mobile payments has been something of a "chicken and the egg" scenario. ... more

Three fronts where mobile payments can move forward

When it comes to the ways in which mobile payments may be able to gain a wider and more receptive audience in the near future, experts usually point to a handful of improvements platform providers and developers can make. ... more

Mobile payments could explode in the years ahead

Over the past two years or so, the interest among both consumers and merchants in utilizing mobile payment platforms to complete everyday transactions has grown appreciably. ... more

3 Steps to Maximize Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

The alarming truth is, many small businesses are easy targets for cyber-criminals because owners don’t prioritize cybersecurity, or think that they don’t have the resources to ensure security. ... more

EMV expected to grow in 2017

Over the course of 2016, the payments industry as a whole enjoyed a period of strong growth for EMV payments. ... more

New Visa TIP Update

Due to the increase in small business data breaches, Visa has established a new data security program. This program will require small businesses that are utilizing third party providers for POS applications and terminal installations and integration ... more

Mobile payments continuing gaining steam worldwide

Mobile payments started to make headlines on a consistent basis in 2016, and as such many in the industry are looking forward to the new year ahead as well. ... more

EVO Announces Acquisition of Sterling Payment Technologies

EVO Payments International (EVO), a leading card payment acquirer and payment service provider operating throughout North America and Europe, announced today its acquisition of Sterling Payment Technologies (Sterling), a nationally recognized provide ... more

Sterling Payment Technologies Named Best Channel Vendor for Ninth Consecutive Year

Sterling Payment Technologies, a leading provider of payment processing, announced it has been recognized by Business Solutions Magazine as one of the Best Channel Vendors for 2017, ranking Sterling's payment processing among the nation's best. This ... more