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Some are still lagging on EMV adoption

Whether it's smaller merchants or reticent consumers, there is still a fairly large group of holdouts when it comes to EMV adoption. ... more

The Rise of Mobile Payments: NFC Transaction Market Set to Increase

Near Field Communications (NFC) has been able to grow rapidly because companies in the United States are upgrading their technology to comply with EMVCo standards, proving more support from merchants for NFC point-of-sale (POS) terminals. ... more

Reaching merchants that still haven't switched to EMV

While the EMV liability shift took place about a year ago, there are still some merchants that have yet to make the switch to the new and improved payment platform.  ... more

Mobile payments can address consumer pain points

Two of the biggest issues that people often cite when asked why they haven't adopted mobile or EMV payments in recent years is that they're worried about both security and convenience in comparison with swiping a credit card in the traditional way. ... more

Mobile payments continue to gain momentum

It's been quite some time since mobile payments became a point of interest for tech experts, and now after years of predictions about widespread use, it seems that progress is finally being made.  ... more

Merchants still slow to adopt EMV?

The U.S. is quickly closing in on the one-year anniversary of the EMV liability shift, which saw large merchants across the country take on more of a responsibility for fraudulent credit and debit card payments. ... more

Sterling Payment Technologies Named Best Channel Vendor for Eighth Consecutive Year

Sterling Payment Technologies, a leading provider of payment processing, has been recognized by Business Solutions Magazine’s (BSM’s) readership as one of the Best Channel Vendors for 2016. ... more

Proof EMV works? Payment fraud is shifting

It has been nearly a year since the world's largest payment processors put the EMV liability shift into place for tier-one merchants. ... more

EMV adoption continues to break barriers

Over the past year, the rate at which both consumers and businesses moved to start using EMV transactions on a regular basis has increased significantly.  ... more

Why are consumers still concerned about EMV, mobile security?

Security is one of the biggest benefits the EMV payment technology adoption rates bring to the entire payments ecosystem ... more

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