News for Sterling Payment Technologies

EMV transactions on the rise as adoption becomes more widespread

The adoption of EMV capabilities among both consumers and merchants in the past few months has been encouraging for those in the payment processing industry.  ... more

More small businesses coming around on EMV

While the initial rollout of EMV technology to consumers and businesses alike didn't go as well as many would have hoped, big strides have been made since then. ... more

Address the Needs of Small Restaurants

Experts share details about the most significant needs of small restaurants and what solution providers can do to help. ... more

Anton Wurr Joins Sterling Payment Technologies as Marketing Executive

Sterling Payment Technologies’ Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Gary Staub today announced that Anton Wurr joined Sterling as Executive Director of Marketing. ... more

The widespread effects of the EMV liability shift

The first stage of the EMV liability shift - which affected tier-one retailers nationwide - went into effect nearly a year ago at this point, and the intervening time has seen widespread adoption of this payment method among both consumers and mercha ... more

EMV rollout guidelines updated again

Since the EMV liability shift first occurred toward the end of last year, there has been a slow but steady rate of adoption among retailers across the country. ... more

Now it's debit's turn to shift to EMV

For nearly a year at this point, debit and credit card issuers have been trying to push more EMV-enabled cards of all types out to consumers for everyday use. ... more

EMV adoption picks up even as misinformation remains

One of the biggest issues that all parties in the EMV rollout nationwide have faced in recent months is the fact that there's so much incorrect information out there. ... more

Why is EMV more beneficial to merchants?

Over the past several months, the good aspects of EMV have been recognized by a large and growing number of merchants, regardless of size. ... more

More good news for EMV adoption

There's no question that the rollout of the EMV liability shift left plenty of consumers and businesses alike disgruntled, but the time since then has seen a lot of those initial issues get smoothed over with relative ease. ... more

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