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Mobile payment platforms also benefit from EMV liability shift

Even before the EMV liability shift for tier-one merchants, there was another slow but steady payments revolution underway. ... more

EMV adoption picking up steam in the U.S.

In the past several months, there have been plenty of headlines about the ways in which the EMV liability shift is negatively impacting people and businesses. ... more

Visa working to clear up EMV certification bottleneck

In the past several months, many have pointed to the fact that millions of businesses - regardless of size - have not yet moved to adopt EMV, but that isn't necessarily the case. ... more

American Express joining push to speed up EMV transactions

Since the liability shift for tier-one merchants - which required them to rely on EMV purchases rather than traditional credit card swiping - went into effect late last year, there has been some difficulty in the change. ... more

EMV payments could soon match mobile transaction times

Over the last several months, many experts have said that a big reason why more widespread adoption of EMV transactions among merchants large and small has taken so long is that it's a bit of a slow process. ... more

Focus POS, Sterling Payment collaborate to offer EMV solution to hospitality industry

Focus POS, a provider of restaurant point of sale software, has partnered with Sterling Payment Technologies to offer an EMV solution to businesses in the hospitality industry. ... more

Do small businesses need more EMV education?

Many of the nation's largest retailers made the switch to EMV late last year as the liability shift from the world's top payment processors went into effect. ... more

Sterling Reservist’s Job Success Opens Doors for Veterans

Sterling Sales Account Executive Kim Hobert has had a varied career. She’s been a mountain guide in South America, a teacher in Colorado, rafting guide in Montana, and a first responder for FEMA in Hawaii. She also served for five years in the Coast ... more

Small business EMV adoption picking up steam

Late last year, the world's largest payment processors started requiring some of the nation's biggest retailers to start processing EMV payments instead of the traditional swiping process. ... more

EMV vital to slowing payment card fraud

The EMV liability shift for the nation's largest retailers came late last year, and many smaller companies are now starting to follow suit. ... more

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