News for Sterling Payment Technologies

EMV adoption continues to pick up the pace

While there were some initial issues with the implementation of EMV credit card readers for tier-one retailers after last year's liability shift, things are going a lot more smoothly now. ... more

More devices starting to use EMV

One of the biggest issues when it comes to rolling out EMV card processing technology nationwide in the last several months is the fact that consumers largely aren't accustomed to using the platform. ... more

EMV fuel pumps will continue normalizing use of payment method

In recent months, there has obviously been a much greater emphasis on adoption of EMV payments by both merchants and consumers. ... more

Federal officials examining EMV rollout?

Plenty of anecdotal evidence now suggests that while the initial rollout of EMV payment platforms for tier-one merchants nationwide was a little bumpy, even if it has likely reduced the amount of fraud suffered by consumers, retailers, and payment pr ... more

Retailers' views of EMV evolving

Late last year, the liability shift for tier-one merchants meant that many moved quickly to adopt EMV credit and debit card purchases. ... more

EMV industry must address consumer issues

Late last year, the payment industry began to mandate that tier-one retailers start requiring the use of EMV transactions for all cards with microchips embedded in them. ... more

Are consumers getting comfortable with EMV?

In recent months, many consumers have likely noticed that some of the biggest retailers they visit on a regular basis have shifted to a new type of credit and debit card system that requires them to insert their cards chip-first rather than swiping i ... more

Wearables will likely push payments sector forward

The rate at which payments technology has changed in the last year or more has been considerable, and more efforts to get those multi-purpose devices out into the world are now being made by tech giants. ... more

When faster EMV arrives, what will it look like?

Since the rollout of the EMV requirement for tier 1 retailers late last year, there have been some admitted growing pains involved. ... more

MasterCard unveils faster EMV technology

In the past several months since the EMV requirements for Tier 1 merchants went into effect, one of the biggest issues facing both companies and consumers is the fact that these transactions take a while to complete.  ... more