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Another credit card heavyweight may soon get behind EMV

In recent months, merchants large and small have likely taken note of the trend in the credit card industry toward increasing security, especially when it comes to implementing safer EMV technology for as many transactions as possible. ... more

New EMV compliance deadlines quickly approaching

Late last year, so-called tier-one merchants - some of the largest retailers in the U.S. - were required by credit card processing companies like Visa and MasterCard to have point-of-sale devices capable of handling EMV purchases in place. ... more

EMV cards already chipping away at payment fraud

About six months ago, major credit card processing companies like Visa and MasterCard began mandating that tier-one merchants nationwide had to start using EMV cards - also known as chip-and-PIN - or else face the cost of fraud themselves. ... more

More restaurants see value in mobile payments

In the last year or so, the number of consumers and retailers alike who have seen the value inherent to use of mobile technology to complete purchases has risen sharply. ... more

Small businesses believe mobile payments poised to take off

For the last several years, many tech experts have stated that there will be a tipping point at which millions of Americans adopt and begin regularly using mobile payment platforms. ... more

Millennials seen as key to mobile payments

Over the last several years, many experts have repeatedly made predictions that consumers would soon begin adopting mobile payment platforms en masse. ... more

What trends lie ahead for mobile payments?

Over the past few years, industry analysts have generally kept a close eye on the progression of mobile payments. ... more

Major mobile payment companies continue moving forward

Over the last few years, the improvements in the mobile payments ecosystem as a whole have been both slow and steady, but the pace has been picking up in the last year or so. ... more