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Why do consumers still shy away from mobile payments?

Over the last few years, many experts have guessed that widespread adoption of mobile payment platforms among both consumers and merchants would come along somewhat naturally. ... more

Experts still trying to improve security on mobile payments

While consumer awareness of the availability of mobile payment platforms is at an all-time high and still rising, the fact remains that relatively few consumers are actually taking advantage of the added convenience and safety they provide. ... more

Mobile payments could get boost from loyalty rewards tie-ins

In the past year, mobile payment platform adoption has taken off for both retailers and consumers, but not as much as many analysts might have predicted, or many businesses might have liked. ... more

Apple Pay moving into e-commerce could help normalize use

Over the last few years, many experts have predicted that the real-world use of mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay would take off at some point, as millions of Americans moved to adopt these types of transactions. ... more

Mobile payments expected to become universal, but concerns remain

Over the last few years, many experts in the financial industry have said that there would be a point in the indeterminate future at which mobile payments become ubiquitous, to the point that almost everyone uses them on a regular basis to complete t ... more

Banks now looking to push contactless mobile payments?

Over the last several years, many experts have suggested that widespread adoption of contactless mobile payments was just around the corner, and that when it caught on, it would quickly become nearly ubiquitous. ... more

Time it takes to use new chip cards could usher in more mobile payments

While the technology has been around for years, many retailers across the U.S. have only recently begun to require consumers to use the microchips embedded in most credit cards these days to actually be used to make a purchase. ... more

TD rolls out new mobile payment technology

Over the last few years, many of the companies that have been getting into the mobile payments industry aren't typically seen as being involved in financial services at all. ... more

What's next for mobile payments?

While mobile payments have certainly started to pique consumers' interests these days, it's safe to say that widespread adoption is still likely to arrive at some point in the indeterminate future. ... more

Google taking contactless mobile payments a step further?

One of the big issues in the tech world these days is the fact that mobile payment platforms haven't taken off as much as many might have expected, despite the fact that many of the industry's giants have put their considerable heft behind these plat ... more

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