News for Sterling Payment Technologies

Millennials more open to mobile payments

For some time now, experts in the mobile payments market have been saying that widespread adoption was just around the corner. ... more

Corporations adopting mobile payments for company accounts

In the past several years, many experts have said that the key to unlocking the mobile payments market lies, predictably, in getting consumers on board. ... more

Mobile payments could add convenience if card lost or stolen

Across the country, millions of people may have their credit and debit cards stolen on a regular basis, either physically or virtually, and that can create a major hassle for them. ... more

Another major mobile payments platform enters the fray

In the last year or two, a number of major companies in both the tech and financial services industries have launched their own mobile payment platforms as a means of potentially getting more consumers on-board with the idea of using their smartphone ... more

Another layer of security for mobile payments? Selfies

In recent years, many consumers have said that they've been hesitant to adopt mobile payments for a number of reasons. ... more

Mobile payment processing helping Girl Scouts sell more cookies

Over the last few years, there has been a slow but steady trend of more people adopting mobile payments as something they can use on a regular basis. ... more

Experts push incentivizing mobile payment adoption

Over the last few years, many experts have wondered about what, exactly, would get people to start adopting mobile payment platforms en masse. ... more

Recognized Payment Integrations Expert Bill Pittman Joins Sterling Payment Technologies

Sterling Payment Technologies, a national payment processing and solutions provider, announced that William (Bill) Pittman has joined Sterling as executive director of technical integrations. Mr. Pittman has more than two decades of experience in pay ... more

Asian markets leading global mobile adoption

Around the world, many markets are slowly but surely starting to realize that mobile transactions are the future of payment platforms because of the ease, security, and convenience they provide to consumers and retailers alike. ... more

Experts still trying to improve mobile security despite high quality

When polls go out asking consumers why they haven't adopted mobile payment platforms, one of the most popular answers given is that they are concerned about how safe these purchasing options will be for them. ... more