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Mobile adoption inflection point coming soon

Over the past few years, there has been a steady but quite slow rollout of mobile payment options for both consumers and retailers to adopt. ... more

Top 3 News Stories from Sterling Payment Technologies

Catch up on the latest news from Sterling Payment Technologies. Here are the top three items from the last few months. ... more

Some merchants still shifting to EMV

While the EMV liability shift went into effect more than a year ago at this point, some later adopters are still trying to get up to speed. ... more

3 Last Minute Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to grow in popularity, merchants need to stay proactive in marketing and selling to the ever growing customer base. ... more

Loyalty programs may be vital to boosting mobile use

For some time now, there have been serious questions in the payments industry about the ways in which customers can be incentivized to adopt more secure mobile payment options. ... more

Merchants still grappling with card fraud even with EMV underway

The EMV liability shift went into effect more than a year ago at this point, but many merchants have yet to take the steps necessary to get up to speed on accepting this type of transaction. ... more

More efforts being made to push mobile payments adoption

Over the past few years, mobile payment technology has rolled out to consumers slowly but surely. ... more

Consumers May Want to Think Twice This Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

Counterfeit retail apps working as money laundering schemes have been discovered in Apple’s App Store. According to the mobile analytics company, Branding Brand, hundreds of counterfeit apps in the Apple App Store slid past Apple’s rigorous evaluatio ... more

More security requirements coming for small merchants

While merchants of all sizes have dealt with rising requirements for protecting transaction data for some time now, even more security efforts may be necessary in the near future. ... more

Visa Encourages EMV and Point-to-Point Encryption Technology

Cyber criminals and hackers continue to pose a threat to smaller businesses. ... more