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Protect Yourself and Your Business From Cyber Attacks

Halloween is not the only spooky and frightening event that will have happened this October. ... more

Understanding EMV Liability Shift in Regard to PIN Transactions

POS systems offer different options when it comes to processing PIN-based debit and credit card transactions thanks to EMV. Merchants can enable and disable the PIN entry for PIN-based EMV cards allowing cardholders to make the decision whether to en ... more

Mobile payments continue to gain steam

When mobile payments were first introduced to the masses, the platforms were mainly utilized by a small number of early adopters, both on the shopper and retailer sides. ... more

Merchants still dealing with lots of fraud

The biggest reason the recent EMV transition took place is that credit card fraud was significant nationwide, both in stores and online. ... more

EMV transition well-received by merchants, consumers

While there was a bit of consternation in the early days of the EMV liability shift, the dissenting voices have grown much quieter as time has gone on. ... more

8 Steps to Become QIR Certified

In order to help reduce the risks associated with data theft Visa made an announcement that smaller merchants (Level 4 Merchants) must utilize payment solutions providers that have achieved the Qualified Integrator and Reseller (QIR) certification. ... more

EMV still a big topic in the payments industry

The talk in the payments sector about the effectiveness of the EMV liability shift and broader technology rollout is still significant, even more than a year after that change first went into effect. ... more

How are consumers responding to mobile platforms?

While there has been some evidence of an uptick in use for mobile payment platforms over the past year or more, adoption still isn't as widespread as some in the industry might like. ... more

7 Surprising Ways Modern POS Systems Make Restaurant Life Easier

How using more of your POS's functionality improves your productivity. ... more

More consumers adopting mobile payments, but concerns linger

The concerns some consumers and merchants have about adopting mobile payment and EMV platforms have been well-documented in the past few years. ... more

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