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Why Apple Pay is like the Ice Bucket Challenge

Apple Pay helped make mobile payments popular.  ... more

Companies should not be like Henry VIII

An upgrade in technology can help a company improve revenues and avoid making grave mistakes.   ... more

Collecting sales data and becoming a rock star

Companies should invest in technology that makes data collection easier.  ... more

Get in the boxing ring with e-commerce payment technology

Retail companies struggling to compete in business should try new methods of reaching consumers.  ... more

Apple Pay is a wallet killer

Apple Pay was released last year and, in time, may turn out to be the wallet killer. Being able to pay for things using only a smartphone is convenient, and consumers will probably realize that they don't need to carry around a bulky leather billfold ... more

James Bond would use mobile payments

James Bond uses gadgets to succeed on his missions, retailers should do the same and upgrade their POS systems and sales platforms.  ... more

Mobile payment technology like Apple Pay is easy to use and secure

Mobile payments are going to be big because they offer consumers many advantages. Using a product like Apple Pay, a consumer can leave his or her wallet at home and rely on smartphone alone to make purchases and use loyalty cards at favorite stores a ... more

E-commerce demand can crash a website

Having an online selling platform is extremely important for businesses trying to expand, and increased e-commerce activity points to that fact.  ... more

CurrentC vs. Apple Pay

Several large retailers including Rite Aid and CVS famously turned off their near-field communications scanners last year and announced that they would introduce their own mobile payment program to the market. That product is set to launch soon, whic ... more

Business-to-business e-commerce is going strong

E-commerce is not just about retailers selling products to consumers. Digital sales platforms also facilitate business-to-business transactions. ... more

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