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E-commerce solutions help small businesses with taxes

Companies continually develop and offer new products that help individuals and businesses manage their accounting and cash remittance needs. Recent developments show that the payments industry is continuing to expand, featuring new and innovative way ... more

Can e-commerce be good for your health?

With the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, and a plethora of other devices already in the market, wearing a watch that measures your vitals and keeps track of distances traveled on foot may soon become an ordinary thing ... more

Facebook will host news content on the site

Facebook may soon start hosting news content on its site. The collaboration also demonstrates how important e-commerce platforms have become in today's world. Increasingly, businesses of all kinds are leveraging technology solutions and online networ ... more

Signs point to Apple Pay's success

Apple Pay's success is dependent on the availability of compatible devices in the market, so the increase in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales shows the technology has strong potential. Most importantly, Apple Pay is still a new service. Judging its success ... more

New ways to eliminate credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is a major problem. Accordingly, new technologies are coming to the market that aim to fix the issue. Chip-based cards should help reduce fraud substantially, but there are also a number of other initiatives taking place that will i ... more

Lyft allows users to pay for rides using Google Wallet

Lyft recently announced that it will allow users to pay for rides using Google Wallet. The move by the transportation network company shows that mobile payment options are increasingly leveraged by technology companies, and also that e-commerce platf ... more

E-commerce retailers invest more in online services

The world of e-commerce continues to get bigger. Consumers increasingly search online retailer catalogs for the best deals and forgo visiting brick and mortar stores. Target and Wal-Mart understand the importance of expanding in e-commerce, and, as a ... more

Facebook will officially enter the payments industry

Facebook is entering the payments game now. The social networking company has already experimented with allowing users to send money to each other using Messenger, but now it seems the service is being officially rolled out. ... more

Credit cards with new moves

With all the talk about mobile payment systems lately, credit cards have not received their fair share of media attention. Shopping with a credit card is fun, and consumers will likely not forget that anytime soon. Recent news shows that mobile payme ... more

Big things are happening in mobile payments

Things are happening in the mobile payments space. Technology industry players are not just developing new apps, they are also developing platforms that help other companies develop their own mobile payment options. Recently, Google and PayPal made m ... more

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