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Exploding Kittens, free pizza and e-commerce

A new card strategy game has become the number one most funded venture on Kickstarter. Exploding Kittens is not just a game - it is also a project that is backed by a team of philanthropists in the making. ... more

Google acquires patents from Softcard for its mobile wallet

Google recently acquired technology and patents from mobile wallet service Softcard. The company is now better prepared to compete with Apple on the mobile payments front, however, this deal is not the only one to take place recently. It seems compan ... more

Samsung's mobile payment solution to compete with Apple Pay

Some retailers have been reluctant to upgrade their point-of-sale devices with near-field communications technology. As a result, mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are not accepted in most merchant locations. Samsung may have f ... more

Facebook wants the whole world online

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring basic Internet services to people in developing countries and remote areas. There are business incentives attached to the establishment of, but also a seemingly sincere desire to better the wor ... more

YouTube Kids will be released soon

Family entertainment channels online are in high demand, and as a result, YouTube Kids is being released. The new service will make the Internet a safer place for young users and will allow them to access their favorite TV shows and channels.  ... more

Samsung acquires mobile payment service LoopPay

Samsung is positioning itself to compete with Apple in the payments space. The consumer electronics company recently acquired mobile payment firm LoopPay in an effort to rival Apple Pay. As the competition ensues for the top spot in the mobile paymen ... more

Apple will start making self-driving electric cars

Apple Inc. is a company that thrives on innovation. The technology giant started out as a maker of computers, but today its revenues come predominantly from iPhone sales. Now, recent reports indicate the company is working on developing a self-drivin ... more

The payments industry is always changing

The payments industry is a constantly shifting landscape - strategic partnerships are concluded, new products are continually introduced to the market and consumer buying patterns change. From the way people use credit cards to how mainstream mobile ... more

Chip-based cards will be good for the US

Most credit cards in the United States will soon have computer chips embedded in them. Europe has already embraced chip-based cards for years. The U.S. could benefit from the added security they provide. ... more

Facebook allows users to sell items to each other

Facebook is introducing a new feature to Groups that will allow members to sell items to each other. The addition of a sell feature marks the company's second attempt to tackle the classified market. ... more

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