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Shoppers embracing mobile payments

After struggling against the entrenched belief that credit cards were the best, most efficient form of payment, mobile systems took advantage of the EMV liability debacle to gain ground. Now, with 2016 just days away, they're set to truly take off.  ... more

The status of major mobile payments systems

The year 2015 is almost at its end, but mobile payments are just beginning to see the popularity in the U.S. that they enjoy in other parts of the world. Before 2016 arrives, here is a look at how some major mobile payments systems have fared.  ... more

Android Pay and the future of payments

In a busy mobile payments industry - with competitors like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and a host of apps specific to retailers like Starbucks and Walmart jostling for space - Android Pay has been patient about finding its niche and asserting its presence ... more

Mobile payments technology poised for widespread adoption

After years of development, consumer hesitancy and retailer uncertainty, mobile payments technology is finally ready for widespread adoption. Now, retailers are starting to show mobile payments technology the love it deserves. ... more

By 2018, mobile payments will be immensely popular

A new report forecasts that by 2018, half of consumers in mature markets will be turning to smartphones and smartwatches as their preferred payment method. ... more

What 2016 has in store for mobile payments trends

Next year will be a busy one for the mobile payments and commerce industry. Mobile commerce will pick up right where it left off in 2015, packing on muscle and gaining steam while companies take advantage of the marketing opportunit?ies mobile platfo ... more

Mobile payments see a big jump in 2015

It has been a great year for mobile payments technology. New data shows that U.S. mobile payments were nearly four times greater in 2015 than they were last year, which is both the result of and the motivating factor behind giant companies racing eac ... more

Major retailer has plans to make mobile payments essential

A generation gap is at least partially to blame for mobile payments gradual acceptance, with younger users embracing the technology more quickly than older generations. But Sears has a plan to make mobile payments the most popular way to shop.  ... more

Mobile payments the solution to EMV growing pains

Unfading optimism among supporters has not disguised the fact that the transition in EMV liability over the last two months has had a number of problems. An obvious solution would seem to be a switch to proximity mobile payments.  ... more

US mobile payments are biggest trend in consumer spending

It took several years of trial and error, but industry professionals agree that mobile payments technology has surpassed e-commerce as the most dominant trend in the daily spending behavior of modern retail customers.  ... more