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Consumers still prefer cash over mobile for holiday shopping

The holiday shopping season is now officially here, and millions of Americans will take to their local malls and shopping districts to make hundreds of dollars or more worth of purchases. ... more

New EMV card requirements could spur more mobile adoption

In recent months, the major credit card processing companies finally started to require merchants and other companies that accept such transactions to adopt a more secure method that has been in use globally for years. ... more

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... more

What does 2016 look like for mobile payments?

For much of the last few years, tech experts have been saying that there would, at some time, be a "tipping point" when mobile payments became ubiquitous. ... more

Person-to-person feature planned for Apple Pay?

A lot of talk in in the mobile payments industry in recent years has been about the ways in which people could be enticed to adopt these purchasing platforms and start using them more regularly in their everyday lives. ... more

Mobile payments gaining major steam among consumers

For much of the last few years, the expectation among many experts in the tech industry was that widespread adoption of mobile payments on a regular basis was right around the corner. ... more

U.S. could soon see mobile payments boom behind tech improvement

For some time now, there has been an expectation among many American experts in the payment processing industry that U.S. consumers would start to use mobile payments technology en masse at some point in the mid-2010s. ... more

People know about mobile payments, but largely aren't using them

Across the country in the last few years, there has been a small but growing number of options for Americans when it comes to making payments using their smartphones. ... more

Sterling Payment Technologies Expands EMV Offerings with Datacap’s NETePayTM

Sterling Payment Technologies announced today the completion of US EMV level 3 certification with Datacap Systems and the card brands. The EMV-capable version of NETePay™ provides Sterling’s extensive network of point of sale providers with the abili ... more