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Windows could soon jump into mobile payments realm too

In the last year or so, a number of tech giants and phone manufacturers have announced the creation of their own branded mobile payment platforms that allow consumers to turn their smartphones into digital wallets. ... more

Could banks be the big decider on mobile payments?

Over the past few years, many experts have been saying that consumers and merchants alike would soon begin adopting mobile payment processing platforms en masse. ... more

Medical industry taking to mobile payments for security, convenience

In recent years, there has been a slow but steady adoption rate for mobile payments among retailers and consumers alike, but many have perhaps held off from getting involved in the new transaction ecosystem over fears of security and convenience. ... more

Is 'friction' the reason for slow mobile payments adoption?

There have been many theories advanced in recent years as to why consumers and retailers alike haven't taken to mobile payment processing platforms as a lot of experts might have expected. ... more

Security issues still loom large over mobile payment adoption

For some time now, experts have been predicting that widespread adoption of mobile payment processing platforms by consumers and merchants alike would take off within the next few years. ... more

What does the LoopPay breach mean for mobile payment security?

Mobile payments have long been hailed as the next big upgrade in payment processing technology, as they provide an extra layer of security over even the EMV-enabled "chip-and-pin" cards that are starting to gain ubiquity in the U.S. after great succe ... more

Merchants beware: A liability shift is coming in the way you process credit card transactions

In response to increasing credit card fraud, major credit card companies have set an Oct. 1 deadline for merchants to shift from the traditional magnetic strips, to a new integrated circuit technology called EMV. Merchants that do not adopt this new ... more

Sterling Payment Technologies Announces Free "Chip" Payment Card Protection Plan for Businesses

With yesterday's deadline for U.S. businesses to accept EMV credit and debit card transactions or face liability for fraud, many of America’s small and mid-sized businesses are unprepared and at risk. Sterling Payment Technologies today announced ... more