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Apple Watch will perform well despite limited battery life

Apple will be unveiling its smartwatch soon, and many are anxious to discover how well the wearable device will function. It seems that a few issues have been reported already. ... more

Some mobile payment systems are better than others

Mobile payments are poised to take off in 2015 in a big way. While some services like Apple Pay are expected to perform well, others like Amazon's Wallet app are falling by the sidelines. Success of certain mobile payment systems versus others will b ... more

iPhones rule the mobile device market

Demand for Apple iPhones continues to be strong, and the company may record its strongest sales ever in the first quarter of 2015. Analysts and industry experts all agree that in addition to strong sales, demand has not seemed to slow. iPhones are by ... more

EBay faces some struggles but may emerge stronger in 2015

E-commerce can be a competitive industry, especially for the larger players. EBay's recent moves indicate that the company is facing some difficulty, but intends to keep on keeping on. ... more

E-commerce in space!

Google recently acquired a stake in Space Exploration Technologies Corp. The corporate transaction shows that the search engine company, which makes most of its revenue from advertising, is willing to to go to space in order to bring its e-commerce s ... more

Facebook hires design team to give the site a visual boost

People who give advice to e-commerce companies often suggest keeping site design simple and easy to navigate. Facebook recently hired a renowned design team to make changes to its site. The move shows that even successful platforms can be improved an ... more

Be My Eyes is an app that can help the blind see

A Danish team recently developed a new iPhone app called Be My Eyes that allows sighted people to assist blind people when asked. The project demonstrates that e-commerce business models can do more than just increase sales, they can help facilitate ... more

New hotel booking app Booking Now may become very popular recently launched a personalized app called Booking Now that does for hotel rooms what Uber did for taxis. The new app may soon find its way onto millions of smartphones around the world. ... more

MySpace does Throwback Thursday

MySpace recently used the popularity of Throwback Thursday on social media to get people back on its site. The move by the antiquated platform demonstrates that having a social media presence is important for Internet businesses. ... more

Facebook at Work an attempt to gain new users?

Facebook recently launched a pilot of its professional version - "Facebook at Work." One has to wonder, can this be helpful as well, or will it only be a drain on employee productivity? ... more

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