News for Sterling Payment Technologies

Over 40 percent of consumers will buy specialty foods online

Why make a run to the liquor store when you can find your next bottle of wine online? ... more

U.S., global m-commerce growing quickly through various channels

The mobile revenue is set to grow a staggering amount over the next few years due to several drivers, the biggest one being m-commerce. ... more

Using tokenization to fight hackers

Tokenization is a great way to prevent e-commerce security breaches and ensure that consumer information remains safe. ... more

Best Buy using e-commerce to become more efficient

Despite falling foot traffic, Best Buy is becoming a more efficient store after hatching a new business strategy several years ago. ... more

Dynamic pricing proves popular with online retailers

Dynamic pricing models have been taking over the e-commerce world. ... more

Twitter moving forward with payments partnership

Holiday shopping this year will be occurring in lucrative bursts of 140 character or less. ... more

E-commerce companies improve business through crowdsourcing

E-commerce businesses are taking advantage of crowdsourcing in order to improve sales. ... more

Online retailers trending offline

E-commerce retailers are taking a step back in time and opening brick-and-mortar shops. ... more

M-commerce increasing important for all kinds of retailers

Mobile devices will account for a significant number of sales transactions for the 500 leading retailers this year. ... more

An omnichannel shopping experience is best

In today's retail market it is best not to be a solely brick-and-mortar store, but it is also not enough to be exclusively online. The best retailers these days are offering consumers omnichannel shopping experiences. ... more

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