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3 Reasons Merchants Need to Protect Against a Data Breach

As recent news stories have illustrated, a data breach can not only harm a retailer financially, but also damage their reputation and impact consumers’ trust. Retailers need to proactively explore and implement measures to protect against payment sec ... more

Amazon invests $2 billion in India to remain competitive

Amazon has invested $2 billion into its Indian division in order to remain a player in the region's online retail market. This one day after India's largest online retailer, Flipkart, revealed a $1 billion funding round from new and previous investor ... more

Marc Lore raises $55 million for new startup

Marc Lore, the former CEO of e-commerce company Quidsi, has raised $55 million for a new startup, reported Business Insider. ... more

Amazon to sell customizable 3D printed products

E-commerce giant Amazon has launched a store where shoppers can purchase a variety of customizable 3D printed objects such as jewelry, toys and home decor, from third-party manufacturers. ... more

Taking advantage of the mobile commerce boom

The market for mobile commerce reached over $40 billion last year, and is expected to reach $50 billion by the end of 2014, according to a report by e-commerce analytics platform Custora. ... more

Amazon and eBay hope to make a splash in the B2B online retail market

More e-commerce retailers are shifting focus toward business-to-business transactions as the online retail sector continues its rapid expansion. ... more

Soon, difference between online and in-store sales will be erased

If you're looking to sell products in-store, then you're going to need an online presence. ... more

Facebook and Twitter now have "buy" buttons

Social media websites have become a major focus for many online retailers. ... more

E-commerce is forcing the USPS to adapt

The USPS is going to have to adapt to an more e-commerce oriented package service market if it intends to remain competitive in the coming years, as online retail takes increasingly larger shares of the retail sector, according to a white paper relea ... more

EMV Could Be in Every U.S. Home by Year's End

With EMV card deployment ramping up and the biggest issuers either issuing or on the cusp of issuing EMV cards, Oberarthur's Martin Ferenczi predicts an EMV card in every U.S. household by year's end. ... more

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