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Mobile marketing needs to offer value

One of the top focuses for most retailers today is selling products in the online sector. Not just to desktop consumers though - mobile shoppers, who access e-commerce pages via smartphones and tablets, are the fastest growing customer base in the en ... more

Social media continues to play major role in marketing, even if its influence on sales is in question

Most businesses are betting big on social media marketing, hoping that posts and advertisements regarding their products on websites like Facebook and Twitter will help to send a brand new set of clients to their product pages and online credit card ... more

Frequently Asked Questions: mobile point of sale

Many business owners and retail managers have a number of pressing questions regarding credit card payment processing terminals - those being iPads and other mobile devices that are outfitted with the ability to accept credit card and debit card paym ... more

For business-to-business companies, customer reviews are a must

Everyone knows that you need crowdsourced reviews if you're going to sell a product online. ... more

How much does Father's Day - and other holidays - boost retail sales?

Most retailers have learned, over the years, that holidays are a sure thing: you can always count on seeing a revenue boost if you've got customers coming in to buy gifts for their loved ones. ... more

Even packaged goods are being bought and sold online

It's not just electronics and other retail products getting bought and sold en masse via mobile and online credit card payment processing pages: one recent report illustrated that packaged goods are now being purchased regularly online. ... more

Email marketing is going mobile

Businesses that market their products, e-commerce pages or online credit card payment processing terminals via email may soon need to consider how those emails may be read. ... more

Mobile: more important than ever

Mobile phones are changing the landscape for all organizations, and not just by providing consumers with access to mobile credit card payment processing pages. ... more

Small businesses need more credit card processing support

According to one recent report, small and medium-sized businesses are lagging desperately far behind their larger counterparts in regards to e-commerce sales rates. ... more

Businesses need to move their focus online

Many businesses are already aware of the importance of e-commerce and online credit card payment processing pages. ... more