News for Sterling Payment Technologies

Despite popular belief, malls aren't dead!

Many businesses have come to the conclusion that physical retail locations are out of fashion, and that the future lies in e-commerce and online credit card payment processing pages. ... more

Public organizations investing en masse in payment processing

It's not just retail outlets and service providers that need to be able to accept credit payments. ... more

Mobile point of sale is becoming even more popular

There's a new type of point of sale device out on the market, and its taking over quickly. ... more

Mobile shopping continues to have major impact on e-commerce

Mobile credit card payment processing continues to be an increasingly important factor in e-commerce retail strategies - and recent reports suggest that will only continue in the coming years. ... more

How important is free shipping to e-commerce success?

Two recent reports illustrate a growing trend in the e-commerce sector: free shipping is becoming standard practice, rather than a perk. ... more

Innovative online marketing strategies drive consumers to point of sale

Many businesses on relying on internet-based marketing strategies to boost their sales. ... more

Mobile commerce is extending shopping hours for consumers

Mobile credit card payment processing pages may be even more important than regular forms of e-commerce payment, according to a couple of recent reports. ... more

E-commerce is growing - but retail stores are holding strong

E-commerce revenues have been growing consistently for years, leading many to suggest that in-store retail sales would slow down to a crawl in coming years. ... more

Sterling's SecureSwipe is Certified by Aldelo for iPad POS Market

Sterling Payment Technologies announced today that it is providing the encrypted credit card reader for the just-released Aldelo Touch, a restaurant point of sale (POS) solution developed by Aldelo, LP for the iPad and iPad Mini. Aldelo, LP is a lea ... more

One Year Later, Success! Sterling's Bridge and the Brazos Valley Bombers

Nearly one year ago, Sterling Payment Technologies' all-in-one payment solution, Bridge Business Intelligenceā„¢, was installed in the stadiums of the locally popular Minor League Baseball team, the Brazos Valley (Texas) Bombers with great success. Sal ... more

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