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Deloitte consulting director warns a cart abandonment doesn't always mean a lost sale

The internet is playing an increasingly significant role within the brick-and-mortar retail stores in the U.S. ... more

Digital interactions now inform in-store sales

For many businesses in retail and other industries, online credit card payment processing services are no longer considered separate from the point of sale systems used in stores. ... more

Use of mobile point of sale terminals becoming much more common

According to a couple of recent reports, the use of mobile credit card payment processing terminals - mobile devices such as tablets, which can allow employees to conduct transactions on store floors - are becoming much more popular among small busin ... more

Omnichannel service is more important than ever

Omnichannel shopping - which refers to the connection between the in-store and online shopping experience - is the hottest new trend in the retail industry. ... more

The mobile and in-store shopping experiences need to be integrated, according to report

The use of mobile phones is completely changing the in-store shopping experience - so retail outlets hoping to keep a stream of customers shopping and purchasing products at in-store debit card and credit card payment processing terminals will need t ... more

Big brands aim to offer consumers wide range of products

Businesses looking to succeed in the e-commerce sector often look to the strategies established by big brands for guidance. ... more

Consumers continue to demand social and mobile payment processing capabilities

A number of recent studies continue to confirm what many retailers and service providers have long known: mobile payment processing terminals and other mobile payment capabilities are integral to maintaining consumer goodwill in the current marketpla ... more

Mobile commerce continues to gain in popularity

The use of mobile credit card payment processing pages is becoming more popular every year - among a number of different demographics. ... more

E-commerce is picking up in Canada

Canadian shoppers have traditionally spent less at online credit card payment processing pages than have their American counterparts. ... more

Payment System Means Faster Concession Lines for Midland RockHounds Fans

Fans at the home field of the Midland RockHounds won’t have to choose between getting refreshments and missing plays, thanks to the recent installation of Bridge Business Intelligence, a payment solution developed by Sterling Payment Technologies. ... more

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