News for Sterling Payment Technologies

Consumers are finding brands through social media

Businesses looking for a way to drive shoppers to their in-store and online credit card payment processing pages likely need to be setting up more social media pages,considering a recent study suggested that the number of individuals finding e-commer ... more

Sterling Payment Technologies to Install Upgraded Payment Solution at Four Winds Field

Sterling Payment Technologies has signed an agreement to install its Bridge payment solution at Four Winds Field, home of the South Bend (Indiana) Silver Hawks. ... more

Credit card payment processors are about to take flight

The use of credit cards and debit cards via mobile devices won't be relegated to the ground floors for much longer: one recent report noted how even airlines are hoping to accept such payments in the near future. ... more

Mobile and online payment processors continue to bring success to retail outlets

If any doubt remains that online and mobile devices are the future of retail, a number of recent news reports will dispel it. ... more

Fulfillment centers aiding e-commerce companies to satisfy customers

Retailers who sense that they can improve the number of sales made at their online credit card and debit card payment processing terminals are focusing on one aspect of their services to improve: order fulfillment. ... more

Canadian e-commerce providers are struggling to keep up with consumer demands

According to one recent report, many Canadian e-commerce providers are failing to offer their customers the omnichannel support that they desire. ... more

E-commerce companies are selling big - or going public

Many studies and news reports have detailed how consumers have fully adopted e-commerce as a new means of shopping. ... more

E-commerce sales shoot upward, perhaps thanks to responsive designs

Online sales are growing across the world, suggesting that consumers have finished growing accustomed to the practice of online credit card payment processing. ... more

E-commerce sales are growing - and so is web-focused marketing

Retailers are seeing more of their revenue come from online-based credit card payment processing pages than ever before - and that trend is unlikely to change, thanks to continuing innovation in web-based marketing. ... more

How important is free shipping to e-commerce customers?

When consumers decide whether or not to purchase products online, sometimes the most important factor affecting their decision has nothing to do with the product at all. ... more

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