News for Sterling Payment Technologies

Breaches at credit card processing terminals can severely damage a business

Most retailers have already invested in extensive credit card payment processing equipment, for both their in-store and e-commerce offerings. ... more

Consumers are displaying historic levels of brand loyalty

Online credit card processing services have changed many standards for retailers. ... more

MasterCard is working to stabilize mobile payments - because they're more popular than ever

If a number of recent reports from MasterCard are any indication, mobile payments are no longer a fringe benefit offered to consumers by some select retailers - they're now an expected part of the e-commerce experience. ... more

Apple is finding more success with e-commerce than with mobile devices

E-commerce company sales are starting to outpace sales made in a number of other industries - perhaps best illustrated by the sales reports recently issued in regards to Apple devices. ... more

Consumers are still increasing the number of products they buy online

More consumers than ever are purchasing products and spending their income at online credit card payment processing pages - illustrating to small businesses how important it is to sell items via e-commerce websites. ... more

Mobile shopping is even changing how retailers advertise

So many consumers are currently making use of mobile credit card payment processing technology that businesses are developing new ways of reaching consumers directly via their phones. ... more

Web and mobile sales are driving revenue for small businesses

Businesses that are hoping to grow their revenue in the coming year would certainly do best to look online for help. ... more

Retailers may soon be accepting payments made through glasses

Consumers currently have a number of different ways they can order products from their favorite retailers. ... more

Smartphone sales continued to trend upward in the past year

Smartphone sales continued to increase throughout 2013, and now represent the majority of mobile phones sold to end consumers. ... more

Valentine's Day spending is trending upward

Consumer spending for Valentine's Day gifts increased this year - and that may be thanks to the use of mobile credit card payment processing terminals accessed online. ... more

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