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Apple Pay is quickly gaining market share

The initial numbers are out and it seems Apple Pay is performing very well and is quickly gaining market share. ... more

Shoppers who wait until the last minute may not find the best deals

Retail shoppers have showed signs of procrastination this year, choosing to wait until just before Christmas to make purchases. ... more

Amazon Prime Now offers same-day delivery in Manhattan

Amazon is is now offering customers same-day deliveries in Manhattan and this development may change the future of e-commerce business. ... more

Shoppers procrastinate too!

Last year, shoppers waited until the third week of December to complete their holiday shopping. It seems this year they are doing the same thing and recent numbers indicate that the end of the season will see a significant spike in sales. ... more

Economic indicators point to strong holiday season

An uptick in consumer spending in November, due to holiday shopping, has given the economy a nice boost. ... more

Facebook will not introduce a "dislike" button because it's bad for business

Facebook is constantly working to update its social networking site, but adding a "dislike" feature is something the company will probably never do. ... more

Facebook now facilitates searching for old posts

Facebook introduced its new search feature today, which will allow users to search old posts with greater ease. Some analysts believe this may have negative implications for Google. ... more


Girl scouts have embraced e-commerce and are selling their cookies online. What is your excuse? ... more

U.S. job growth shows the economy is rebounding

U.S. economy is on an upturn boosted by job growth and increases in wages. ... more

Google will revamp products with children in mind

Google is looking to redesign some of its products with with a focus on appealing to children. ... more

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