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Expectations for the holiday shopping season

This year the holiday shopping season is expected to be the biggest ever in terms of e-commerce sales and marketers and retailers are all getting ready for the event. ... more

Apple iPhone 6 sales expected to be strong during holiday season

This holiday season is expected to see heavy demand for Apple iPhones. ... more

Snapcash allows users to make peer-to-peer payments

Snapchat announced the release of a new payment service called Snapcash on Monday. ... more

Target's latest financial results show positive growth in revenue

Target reported increases in sales figures for the year despite credit card breach that occurred earlier this year. ... more

Holiday e-commerce expected to reach $61 billion

E-commerce sales are expected to reach $61 billion this year, much higher than previously estimated by other researchers. ... more

Facebook working on new business-focused version of site

Facebook is working on a new website called "Facebook at Work" that is meant to compete with professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. ... more

E-ecommerce website search results give insight into what consumer want

Looking at frequently searched topics online can provide insight into what consumers are most interested in. ... more

Job growth and lower gas prices spark consumer spending

Retail sales in the U.S. climbed slightly in October, giving signs that consumer spending will be healthy this coming holiday shopping season. ... more

Amazon Web Services success sheds light on future of the cloud

Cloud technology is earning a permanent place in the world of e-commerce, technology and business. ... more

How mobile payment systems are perceived today

The introduction of Apple Pay and the upcoming introduction of CurrentC into the market is changing the way businesses and consumers view retail activity and payment systems. ... more

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