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YouTube introduces new ad-free subscription service

YouTube recently announced an initiative to offer advertising-free video access on its site, with a subscription. ... more

Amazon's Fire phone has not been well-received

Amazon Fire phone not selling well and analysts point out why.  ... more

Apple Pay vs. CurrentC, which will win?

Some of the largest retailers in the country have stopped accepting Apple Pay and are currently testing their own mobile wallet product. ... more

Amazon misses sales targets for third quarter

Amazon missed sales targets in the third quarter and posted a loss of $437 million. Analysts had hoped the company would turn a profit, especially given the time of year. ... more

iPhones are what drive Apple's success

Apple iPhone 6 sales have achieved record highs and demand is expected to carry strong sales figures forward into 2016. ... more

Twitter is becoming something more than just a social networking site

Twitter introduced its new app development platform called Fabric. Developers are meant to use the suite of tools to build or improve upon their mobile apps. ... more

Apple Pay has a gaping hole

Apple Pay has not integrated customer loyalty programs, which are a big part of the customer-vendor relationship.  ... more

E-commerce is showing signs of healthy growth

E-commerce sector is showing healthy signs as Twitter, Google and eBay expand services and grow.  ... more

Intel makes data protection software for point of sale devices

Intel has been working on a new technology for the market that will secure transaction data in point of sale devices from malicious software. ... more

Apple Pay comes out Monday, expected to be huge

Apple Pay comes out Monday and 220,000 U.S. merchant locations will immediately be ready to accept payments.  ... more

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