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Smart glasses are on the way

Retailers who want to stay ahead of the trends of the future should start considering the next channel through which they'll be able to communicate with their consumers: digital "smart" glasses. ... more

Apple CEO goes on record about mobile capabilities

Accepting payments made via mobile devices will be an important step retailers need to take in the coming years - and the CEO of Apple recently spoke about why. ... more

Google's same-day shipping service is expanding

Many e-commerce retailers have been using the promise of free or discounted shipping to lure consumers to their online websites. ... more

Starbucks approaching average of five million mobile payments processed per day

Many businesses aim to optimize their merchant services in regards to accepting payments by allowing consumers to make transactions using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. ... more

Personalization will be key for retailers this Valentine's Day

The key to mobile credit card payment processing for small businesses this Valentine's Day will be personalization, according to a recent report. ... more

Discover card sales continue to improve

Potentially driven by the increased adoption of online shopping techniques, consumers are investing more in credit cards and debit cards than ever. ... more

Mobile devices help to drive e-commerce forward

The amount of individuals ordering products using their mobile phones only continues to grow: a recent report from Mobile Commerce Daily, citing figures obtained by MEF, found that 15 percent of all mobile device owners purchased at least one product ... more

Brand names continue to lean on mobile applications

Many retailers are beginning to realize that mobile may be the key to success in 2014 - and not just as a way to drive consumers toward e-commerce sites. ... more

Holiday e-commerce was so strong it overwhelmed UPS

Businesses that sell products and items online surely had a busy holiday season: so many consumers purchased products close to the winter holidays in 2013 that UPS found itself overwhelmed. ... more

More innovations coming from e-commerce retailers

Online retailers and websites hoping to draw consumers toward their checkout pages are investing in innovative practices to do so. ... more

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