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Report: multi-channel consumers will form backbone of retail revenue

Many shoppers have yet to adopt new modes of transacting payments, such as processing charges through mobile phones or tablets. ... more

Mobile point-of-sale terminals gain market value

Consumers like to use their mobile phones for everything, from texting their friends to buying retail products. ... more

U.S. shifting toward an existence as a cashless society

Businesses in the U.S. need to prepare for a future where their consumers never elect to pay with cash. ... more

Some law offices begin to accept credit cards

Many business owners and managers across the country have already realized the benefits offered by accepting credit cards, learning that doing so can help to attract new consumers and can make the payment process much more efficient ... more

MasterCard develops payment applications for Google Glass

Many retailers and developers are beginning to realize that all communication devices inherently have the ability to help consumers pay for products and services. ... more

Showrooming may actually benefit brick-and-mortar retailers

Many retailers find themselves threatened by the process of "showrooming" - where customers browse products at a brick-and-mortar store, then later compare prices and buy the product using online payment processing terminals. ... more

Consumers who use cash are losing value

Consumers everywhere are starting to spurn cash in favor of other electronic modes of payment.  ... more

Businesses aim to innovate online shopping sector

The drive to find new ways to attract consumers to online shopping outlets continues, as many business owners are experimenting with new modes of delivery and payment in search of new customers. ... more

Disney institutes new mode of payment processing at theme park

One of the top priorities for businesses everywhere is to simplify the checkout process, making it easier for customers to purchase products. ... more

Online healthcare payments registers as large success

As more individuals outfit themselves with smartphones and spend more time online, it's important that businesses and service providers respond in kind. ... more

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