News for Sterling Payment Technologies

Debit spending rates are up

Consumers spent more from their debit cards at payment processing terminals this holiday season than they had in past years - offering good news to retailers expecting an increase in profits during the last months of 2013. ... more

Not all e-commerce companies stuck to their Christmas delivery schedules

Not all e-commerce companies were able to fulfill the large number of orders placed at their point of sale terminals during the holiday season. ... more

UPS handed heavy backlog in last days before Christmas

Consumers purchased extremely large quantities of products from online payment processing terminals in the last days before Christmas. ... more

Consumers spent more than $42 billion online during holidays

The amount of money spent by U.S. consumers at online payment processing pages during the holiday season has literally been record setting. ... more

Holiday sales rush finally comes to a close

Consumers purchased holiday gifts for their loved ones and friends throughout December, but the rush at payment processing stations finally slowed down during the last weekend prior to Christmas Day. ... more

Returns rates expected to surge upward

The United Parcel Service has recently suggested that e-commerce companies can expect a stark increased in the amount of products returned by their customers in the coming month. ... more

Consumers are mobile shopping in large numbers

Any business that fails to accept credit payments made through mobile credit card payment processing pages this year will find themselves missing out on a large portion of potential sales. ... more

Consumers spent $1 billion online for five consecutive days

Consumers are dedicating a larger portion of their holiday shopping budget to e-commerce websites than they ever have before. ... more

Discounts and emails driving shoppers to e-commerce websites

When it comes to selecting where to spend their money on holiday gifts this winter, it seems many consumers are swayed by discounts. ... more

Retail sales continued to rise throughout November

There's good news for retail outlets located across the U.S.: consumers continue to increase the amount of money they're spending at credit card terminals ... more

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