News for Sterling Payment Technologies

Amount of retail-issued credit cards hits four year high

The number of retailers who offer branded electronic transfer cards alongside their credit card payment processing terminals is likely increasing, as there are more such cards currently in use than at any other point since 2009. ... more

MDCA Computers Selects Sterling as Payment Processor for Restaurants

... more

Smartphones to account for 80 percent of mobile phone shipments in coming years

Businesses that don't yet offer a branded mobile application may want to reconsider their stance: smartphones are here to stay, and are going to take up an increased market share of mobile phones in the coming years. ... more

Business-to-business e-commerce sales rates are improving

Business-to-business service providers are soon to realize that they need to make use of e-commerce outlets and online payment processing terminals as much as retailers do. ... more

U.S. e-commerce sales continue to increase

Businesses that sell products through online credit card payment processing likely saw a boost in their sales recently, as online retail purchases continue to increase in volume across the U.S. ... more

Retailers, fretting holidays sales rates, are offering numerous promotions

It seems that many retailers are worrying about the amount of money that will be transacted at their credit card payment processing terminals this holiday season. ... more

Holiday e-retail sales projected to increase by 15 percent from 2012

Consumers will continue to spend an increased portion of their holiday shopping budgets at online credit card processing terminals, according to a recent report. ... more

Retailers increase revenue thanks to online credit card processing

Online sales are helping many retailers to offset a decrease in their in-store sales this year. ... more

Tablets may be more important than smartphones this holiday season

Many retailers expected that their mobile credit card payment processing systems would mainly be used by smartphone owners, but a recent report suggests that may not be the case. ... more

Retail sales increased throughout October

Retailers worried that consumers are spending less than usual during this holiday season can quell their fears: retail sales continued to tick upward throughout the past month. ... more

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