News for Sterling Payment Technologies

BofA testing out QR code payments

Customers around the country may soon be able to pay for items by scanning in barcodes with their smartphones. ... more

Tech giants battle for mobile payment dominance

While most people think of Amazon as an online marketplace, selling everything from music to books, there is some speculation that the technology giant is looking to enter the merchant services industry. ... more

Square seeks to increase staff

The mobile payment sector is gaining popularity across the country, in some cases leading to a major increase in employment. ... more

Discover releases 3Q figures

The sixth largest credit card company in the world recently made headlines after profits fell during the third quarter of the year. ... more

PCI council looking for new agents

Protecting client information is one of the most important aspects for merchant service providers. ... more

RFID-enabled chips are considered wave of the future

Many credit cards these days feature radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that store information about each individual customer. ... more

Square looks to fill holes with MIT pegs

The head of one of the biggest mobile credit card firms in the country recently made his way to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) looking for new talent to help the expanding business. ... more

Visa will introduce new EMV system for merchants in 2013

In an effort to make help merchants comply with high-tech credit card payments, Visa is planning to roll out a brand-new service. ... more

Security breaches reveal need for PCI compliance

Keeping credit card information secure is one of the most important things that a company can do these days. ... more

Salt Lake City will allow people to pay for parking with smartphones

People have been using their smartphones as digital wallets for years now and in some cases, local governments have been installing mobile credit card terminals to accept payments for parking. ... more

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