News for Sterling Payment Technologies

How does the mobile payment hype stack up to reality?

Mobile payments systems have gained momentum in the past few months, as major retailers and financial services have signalled an embrace of the online credit card processing channel. ... more

Amazon changes security system after reporter gets hacked

One of the largest online retailers recently changed its security procedures, after a reporter revealed that its previous system could easily be used to steal personal credit card information. ... more

Citgo and Citi team up for new credit card program

A recently launched credit card will give customers the chance to earn benefits from using the payment system. ... more

Financial providers revisit credit card offerings for small businesses

Consumers aren't the only sector of individuals swiping at credit card terminals. ... more

PayPal signs deal with Discover

In a recent statement, PayPal said that it had signed a deal with Discover to give retailers the chance to accept an added number of payments. ... more

Study shows more positive view of credit card industry

According to one recent report, customers are more satisfied with credit card providers for both business and consumer transactions. ... more

Expert: PCI Compliance needs to be implemented properly

Credit card security remains one of the biggest areas of concern with many retailers in the country. ... more

Visa introduces security encryption program

The largest credit card company in the world made headlines recently when it announced that it had come out with a new service to help merchants better encrypt data. ... more

Credit cards programs target small business owners

A significant number of small business owners sign on to credit card programs specifically designed to meet their needs. In some cases, a firm will give special offers to attract entrepreneurs. ... more

LevelUp gives away hardware to businesses

One way that mobile credit card terminal startup companies are attempting to attract a wider audience is by offering merchants products for free. ... more

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