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MasterCard announces new rewards app

MasterCard recently announced that it had come to terms with a mobile rewards application maker to give its customers the chance to reap benefits for purchases. ... more

Mobile credit card competition heats up

According to many industry experts, the mobile credit card market is extremely competitive, with some of the biggest brands in the world hoping to take advantage. ... more

Florida scam artists admits to stealing hundreds of credit card numbers

When it comes to keeping credit card data safe, merchants need to make the right arrangements and hire trustworthy employees. ... more

Leaf is a new mobile payment system

A new company is hoping to change the payment prossessing industry works by introducing a new credit card terminal. ... more

IBM, Honeywell develop mobile payment system

One of the largest technology firms in the world is hoping to take advantage of the growing mobile payment sector by introducing a brand new shopping application for smartphones. ... more

JPMorgan Chase introduces 'Future Proof Terminal'

In an effort to assist both retailers and shoppers alike, JPMorgan Chase recently introduced a brand new credit card processing terminal that will enable users to pay with both smartphones and high-tech chip cards. ... more

Credit card fraud ring broken up

Thanks to the efforts of law enforcement agencies, 24 credit card thieves have been placed under arrest. ... more

More people using prepaid credit cards

According to one recent study, the number of prepaid credit cards is set to increase during 2012. ... more

New mobile credit card system leverages location-based

One of the biggest trends in mobile technology these days is location-based software. To take advantage of this, Placecase recently unveiled a brand new mobile credit card processing service, ShopAlerts Wallet. ... more

Verifone's SAIL available on Android device

In an effort to increase usage of its mobile payment system, VeriFone recently announced it would be offering its SAIL transaction program to users of Google's smartphones. ... more

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