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PCI compliance is only part of keeping card data secure

Ensuring that customers credit and debit card information is protected is one of the most vital parts of running any business successfully. ... more

Survey: Mobile payments will replace traditional transaction by 2020

A recently released Pew Research Study revealed that by 2020, mobile credit card processing will represent the majority of transactions. ... more

Report: Credit card usage increased in 2011

Credit card payments rose during 2011 from the previous year, according to the recently released Nilson Report. ... more

Following breach, Global Payments promoting PCI compliance

News surfaced at the end of March about a security breach in of payment processing company Global Payments' server. ... more

Ecommerce study reveals emerging consumer trends

Ecommerce shoppers are spending more of their disposable incomes at web-based stores and using a variety of devices when browsing, a report by WorldPay revealed. ... more

Mobile payment adoption to skyrocket, according to experts

According to many industry experts, mobile credit card processing is likely to replace traditional cards and cash as the primary payment method over the next several years. ... more

Proposed New Jersey legislation could allow state to reclaim unused gift card balances

New Jersey is in the process of implementing a law that would give the state rights to unused balances of inactive gift cards. ... more

Google to increase mobile speed, boost payment processing

Google has recognized that it has a problem - its mobile internet speeds aren't fast enough to load pages as requested by consumers using their smartphones. ... more

Pinterest generates sales from one in four users

Social sharing site Pinterest does more than drive traffic to businesses' ecommerce sites, it also drives sales through their online credit card payment processing terminals. ... more

Businesses need ecommerce strategies to captures sales in emerging markets

Ecommerce sales in emerging markets, especially China and India, are expected to surge in the next few years. ... more

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