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Credit card management - New Year’s resolutions

As midnight on New Year’s Eve approaches, Americans are setting resolutions to lose weight, reduce bad habits and treat loved ones better, but it should also be a time for consumers to evaluate credit card usage. ... more

Consumers can trade or sell unwanted holiday gift cards online

For years, gift cards have been a popular staple of merchant services during the holidays. Cards can be valid for particular stores or have the value equivalent of cash, which means that consumers have buying power when it comes to choosing their gif ... more

Mobile payments will increase in the coming years, but some questions still unanswered

Smartphone-based transactions saw a rise in popularity in 2012, particularly around Thanksgiving weekend, which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. ... more

Data security and mobile payment adoption

The new year is likely to see more widespread adoption of digital merchant services like mobile payment, but one major hurdle is ensuring data security. ... more

Apps to organize multiple holiday gift cards

The holiday shopping frenzy is on again this year and shoppers are rushing to huge malls, small boutiques and online retailers to search out the most personalized gifts available for loved ones. ... more

Prepaid cards and under-banked Americans

With the recent credit crunch and pending changes in lending practices, many Americans are turning to lines of alternative credit such as prepaid credit cards. ... more

Credit cards are travelers' best bet

Frequent travelers know that they sometimes have to make the best of things - cramped airplane cabins, weather-related delays and unexpectedly getting lost. ... more

Cloud payments coming to restaurants

Compared to other retail sectors, restaurants, particularly fine dining establishments, have been slow to adopt new technologies like mobile and cloud payments. ... more

New Year's credit card strategy

The payment industry may be changing, but 2013 will not bring with it the death of credit cards, despite what some insiders have written about mobile and cloud payment trends. ... more

Holiday sales see minor rise, gift cards may be a bright spot

Retailers hoping for a major holiday shopping boom might be a little bit disappointed when considering the data from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). ... more

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