News for Sterling Payment Technologies

The changing role of ISOs

According to many industry experts, Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) must find the right niche in order to remain viable in a changing marketplace. ... more

New app lets users pay with phones

A major credit card company in the world recently unveiled a new mobile payment program that allows smartphone users to perform transactions through their devices. ... more

Credit card security highlighted at industry event

At one recent industry event, those in attendance were shown just how easily credit card information could be stolen by sophisticated criminals. ... more

USAA Bank touts credit card program ranking

A major banking institution recently announced that it had ranked highly in a recent report of credit card and insurance providers. ... more

Hip hop mogul cuts cost for prepaid card

One of the most prominent members of the music industry recently announced that he would be cutting the fees for users of his prepaid card following competition from other celebrities. ... more

FTC to host mobile payment event

A government agency is looking into the security of mobile payment systems as the transactions become increasingly more popular. ... more

Durbin Amendment affects merchant services industry

Following the passage of the Durbin Amendment, which capped the amount financial corporations could charge merchants for debit card processing, many retailers were looking forward to saving considerable money. ... more

Mobile application will give users more information

A brand new mobile phone application was recently launched onto the marketplace in an effort to improve the shopping experience for both merchants and clients. ... more

Online security vital these days

A recent report highlighted the increasingly prevalent threat of a cyber attack on government agencies and private institutions. ... more

Hotel group warns of credit card scheme

The Accommodation Association of Australia recently alerted customers regarding a credit card fraud scheme involving hotel telemarketers. ... more

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