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Retailers banking on gift cards

More consumers purchased gift cards this holiday season for friends and loved ones, giving people the ability to redeem them for products and services. ... more

Merchants lure online shoppers

According to one recent report, online shoppers were looking for more during their digital commerce experience. ... more

Expert: Mobile payment trend slow to progress

Though many consumers adopted mobile payment methods during 2011, some experts say that the industry is progressing slower than they would like. ... more

Verizon to charge for online credit card payments

One of the largest telecommunications companies in the world made headlines recently after plans surfaced indicating it would begin charging consumers for using credit cards either on the phone or online. ... more

PayPal testing out payment method in Sweden

One of the largest online merchant services companies recently stated that it would be testing new strategies in Sweden to help users adopt mobile payment methods. ... more

Google to test out mobile payment system in LA, San Fransisco

Motorists filling up at Chevron-owned gasoline stations will soon have a new, faster way to pay for fuel. ... more

Report: Debit cards likely to see wider adoption

A recent forecast predicts that over the next few years, consumers will adopt debit cards more widely in the future. ... more

South Korean government to add credit card restrictions

The South Korean government is hoping to better regulate the credit card industry to help keep consumers out of debt. ... more

Retail Sales Show Solid Gains This Holiday Season

U.S. retail sales climbed 4.5 percent last week compared to the same period last year as consumers bought last-minute Christmas gifts and exploited chains operating for longer hours. ... more

Gift Cards Could Extend Retailers' Holiday Cheer

Retailers' holiday sales growth could extend well into next month due to a renewal of demand for gift cards. ... more

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