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Visa announces gains

The largest credit card company in the world recently made headlines when it announced that credit card spending had increased during the fourth quarter, resulting in higher share prices. ... more

Gift cards are vital for retail success

One of the most popular gifts this holiday season will be gift cards, which give recipients the ability to purchase whatever item they want. The chance to give consumers these plastic payment methods is vital for retailers hoping to target the indeci ... more

Walmart to adopt Square payment method

The merchant services industry is changing rapidly as emerging mobile technology changes the traditional practice of credit card transactions at terminals. ... more

Become a Better Technology Provider Through Partnerships

These days, there’s increased pressure on technology providers to be all things to all people. And it likely goes without saying that there’s one word to describe this expectation: unrealistic. So, how do you bring the broadest array of services to y ... more

Mobile payments need to work for customer, says expert

According to many experts, when it comes to widespread adoption of mobile payment systems, the industry should not rely on the technology until it was more widely adopted. ... more

Financial institutions seek expanded client base for credit cards

The credit card industry has been looking into ways to increase its customer base, giving people who don't have desirable credit the chance to partake in merchant services transactions. ... more

Hawaii sees slower growth in credit card transactions

When it comes to getting a clear understanding of how well a local economy is recovering from the recession, one of the best barometers is how much people are using credit and debit cards for merchant services. ... more

New BofA fees may have resulted from swipe fee limits

Many companies in the merchant service sector hailed the implementation of swipe fee limits on each transaction. ... more

Merchants can protect data with PCI compliance

In a recent column for Network World, writer Craig Mathias says that businesses need to make the proper security arrangements if consumer's data was to be kept safe. ... more

Credit card firms want widespread mobile payment adoption

Many of the leading credit card industry firms have been implementing mobile payment processing strategies, hoping that consumers will adopt the method. ... more

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