The Benefits of Mobile Payments for Pizzerias

January 5, 2018

Accepting EMV chip cards and mobile wallet payments come with a number of benefits for pizza shops.

In a lot of ways, running a pizzeria is unlike running any other restaurant. When it comes to owning and managing a pizza shop, similar to making a pizza, there is not any time to waste. If you own a pizzeria, you are busy keeping track of complicated orders, managing a large inventory, maintaining the ovens, ensuring deliveries are underway, and dealing with every other day-to-day challenge that comes along. With customers coming in and out, pizzerias are fast-paced environments with little time for anything other than operating with complete efficiency.

Many pizza shop owners get bombarded by local restaurant POS sales representatives who try to convince them that XYZ hardware and software used in hundreds of restaurants around the country, would work perfect for them. However, pizzerias are different in so many ways which means having an efficient means of taking payments is crucial. A mobile credit card reader can make things easier for pizzerias, expanding your payment options and bettering the relationships with customers. Accepting EMV chip cards and mobile wallet payments come with a number of benefits for pizza shops. Putting increased customer satisfaction and sales aside, mobile payment solutions accept card payments for deliveries, add tip amounts during sales and sales tax automatically, easily create and offer specials and discounts, and send receipts directly to email. The technology can create accurate sales reporting, all while boasting the latest industry security standards certifications.

Providing an easy delivery payment option with an assortment of other features to better your business is exactly what you need to take your pizzeria to the next level.

Here are four benefits of mobile payment solutions:

1. Accept Card Payments for Deliveries

According to Pizza Today, nearly 80% of U.S. pizzerias offer delivery. Not only is delivery a selling proposition, but it is also an additional avenue of revenue. Having the ability to accept card payments for deliveries widens the amount of people who can order from you because there is less of a sole reliance on cash. This eliminates human error of your delivery drivers who may accidentally give the wrong amount back to customers. Delivery is a service to your customers and it is important to make it a positive one by offering payment options. This will improve customer service and increase sales.

2. Add Tip Amounts During Sales and Sales Tax Automatically
Most mobile credit card processors provide easy to understand and straightforward steps on the actual device’s screen that require very minimal effort for the customer who is paying. They automatically calculate sales tax and tips for each sale, which relieves the customer of having to figure that out in the middle of a transaction. This helps you keep accurate sales accounting while at the same time, providing customers with simple and quick checkouts. Speeding along the checkout process is necessary in the fast-paced environment of a pizzeria. Having payments that automatically add in sales tax and allow for easy tip calculation save you and your pizza shop the headache.

3. Easily Create and Offer Specials and Discounts

With the help of mobile payment technology, your salon can provide digital coupons, loyalty cards, and discounts to customers through the payment system, making the customer experience more convenient and rewarding. This technology allows you to market your business directly into your clients’ hands and send them incentives that they more than likely will view. With payment technology directly in their hands, clients are able to access coupons and loyalty cards immediately, the fastest way for you to expand your relationships with them. Not only will they help create a quicker return on your investment, they will also enhance customer loyalty. The end goal is to have a customer want to eat at or order from your pizzeria more than once.

4. Send Receipts Directly to Email

With more and more consumers utilizing their smartphones for every facet of their lives, emailed receipts are becoming the more popular option across all industries. This saves your business paper costs and provides a quick way to get an itemized receipt purchases over to your clients. Waiting for a receipt often takes time, depending on the payment processor. Emailing cuts down on those wait times and paints your business as a picture of efficiency. Customers can get in and out of line without having to wait for their receipt to print or to sign their receipt. This will help move more pizzas

Pizzeria owners are constantly juggling a lot of moving parts, doing the day-to-day work necessary for running a business, all while giving customers the perfect pizza to fill their bellies and make their dining experience. Mobile payment technology gives more help and flexibility to pizza shop owners, allowing them to accept more payments and provide a more luxurious payment experience to your customers.

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