Improve Convenience, Efficiency and More with Mobility Solutions in Your Business


A smart phone and a simple card reader have grown to a more robust and feature-rich solution that merchants of all types and sizes are finding useful.

Mobility solutions (including mPOS and tablet POS solutions) have been around for a while, and have gained in popularity for different use cases in across different industries including retail, restaurants, hospitality, etc. Other than allowing for merchants to accept payments virtually anywhere they do business, they have also enabled restaurants to accept payment at the table, allow for personalized service in hotels and even convenience check-ins at healthcare facilities. According to Research & Market, mPOS market is expected to grow by 38% between 2017-2021

But, what has led to its rise in adoption? What are these challenges that merchants face and mPOS solves? To know more, we caught up with George Wilcox, SVP, Product Development for US & Canada for EVO Payments International.